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About us

Great Ajjuna Children Ministries seeks to provide education, Love, Hope and Care for the Orphaned and Abandoned children of Uganda...There are over 30 million people living in Uganda. More than 5 million are orphaned children. AIDS has wiped out an entire generation of parents; forcing thousands of children never receive an education, Parental Love and Care. No education. No job, No HOPE. We currently support a few children (30), they aged between 3 to 15 years Old. We want to make sure all their basic needs are met and each of them needs to be enrolled in either a local village school, boarding school, up to university.

Orphans and abandoned children are always confronted with immense psychological and social problems, as they grow older and they are also vulnerable to maltreatment, economical, sexual and exploitation due to lack of care and protection.

The Great Ajjuna children ministries Uganda a Faith and Donation based organization. Our Mission, Vision and Objectives are in line with God. We promote the Lordship of Christ over every area of our ministry in the hope that our children will grow up to be men and women who know the love of their creator.

Your Generous and Faithful Support is what makes us proceed with our God-given vision to transform these Children by giving hope. The GACM is an orphanage with 32 Kids between ages 3 and 15 years old and 6 staff members who look after these children.

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The Great Ajjuna Children Ministries is currently legally registered as an organisation limited by Guarantee by the Registrar of companies of Uganda, we follow the biblical directive to rescue, love and care for orphans. We believe that when we do, we are following Christ's commandment and are acting as His hands and feet. We believe it is not just the responsibility of those who are called to full-time ministry to be concerned for orphans, but that it is the responsibility of all believers and Christ-followers.

We hope that you will choose to find a way to help. Like many children in Uganda, these children need your love and support to have access to things such as clean water, nutritious food, and an education, so they can grow up to be a healthy and productive adult. I pray that the Lord will touch your heart and help us to change a life here at Great Ajjuna Children Ministries..

Write back to us to; info@greatajjuna.org or on ajjunanyakahuma@gmail.com

Contact us on
+256 (0) 782 473 440
+256 (0) 705 088 859

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